Wednesday, April 11, 2012

There's A BABY In There!!

I'm pregnant!! Yaaaay! I know it's probably old news everywhere else...but as for my blog it is new! We found out I was pregnant on January 12th. Boy, was that an EXCITING day!! Laughing and crying and more laughing...It was one of the best days ever. I never thought I would get to see those two glorious pink lines! But I did and we are happy as can be.
 This picture is from when I was 12 weeks along.  It was the first time the baby looked like an actual baby instead of a bean! We got to see it move around and everything. It arched its' back and that's what it's doing in the bottom photo. :)

I've had a pretty rough pregnancy so far. My first doctors appointment was when I was about 6 weeks along.  Even at that early appointment we got to hear its' heart beat. The nurse told us that the heart had just barely started to beat a day or two before. It was incredible. Then we went in for a check up about every other week until I was 14 weeks.  My pregnancy started off with a lovely bladder infection and then the nausea set in and the vomiting began. I went to the hospital once for an IV of fluids because I couldn't keep anything down. The IV made me feel much better and luckily I didn't have to go do that again.  Then the back pain and ahces set in. The vomiting lasted a good 3 months. I slept a lot. Ate a lot of bland food. And barely left the couch and/or my bed.  Josh became the "woman" of the house! He took very good care of me through it all...he cooked and made sure I ate, cleaned, made sure I got some sunshine during the week, took out all of my throw up bags (gross I know) to the dumpster, comforted me while I cried, picked up my medications, took me to the hospital and doctors, and many other things...all while still getting up for work at 4 in the morning, attending school, doing homework and teaching Sunday school.   He is the Superman of husbands! All of this has brought us closer together and our love for one another has grown even more.
(I also must not forgot our wonderful Relief Society and my visiting teachers who brought us meals for 2 weeks straight. I think they saved Josh from starvation and me from the horrible smells of cooking food! We were so grateful for everyone who helped us.)

Currently, I am 16 weeks and 5 days along. Saturday will be 17. Yay for the second trimester! The past few weeks have been a whole lot better. I still have rough days but the good days are becoming more frequent! It's glorious!  Saturday my good friend Mary Herrington is throwing me a baby shower here in Provo so that all our Wymount friends can celebrate with us before moving for the summer. Mary has been an incredible friend while I've been pregnant. So have Kendon and Valerie Bagley and Cheslea Davis. I love them all so much and am so grateful for their friendship and love!

For the upcoming baby shower I've started some registries at Babies R Us, Target and WalMart.  We don't know what we are having yet so none of the cute and exciting stuff are on the registries yet! We will be finding out the gender in the first week of May. We are SO excited!! It'll be nice to not call it "it" but rather he or she. :)

And this for my parents means that they will be first time GRANDparents! Yaaaay! They are so excited! My dad cried when he found out and my mom screamed. Haha. They are very happy and can't wait for the little one to arrive. Along with all of my siblings! Especially Melissa. 

It seems like we waited a long time for this baby to come and now it's happenening and we all couldn't be happier! More updates to come later. :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Chelsea and Brian Get Hitched! (This is for you Dad!)

Alright, so my dad has been reminding almost everyday that I need to update my blog. So, therefore here is an update! 

I know this is kind of old news but on December 30th, 2011 my dearest friend Chelsea Amanda Steed became Mrs. Chelsea Amanda Davis. It was a long awaited day! I still remember the last day that I saw Brian before he left on his mission. I remember like it was yesterday.  I watched Chelsea and Brian exchange their last good byes and I gave Brian mine. I remember watching them hug and talk as I thought, without a doubt in my mind, "They're going to get married someday."  I wasn't even worried about I knew Chelsea was and I'm sure Brian too! But as I looked at them, I know this may sound weird but it was almost like a spiritual experience, I just knew in my heart that it would happen and that they'd be together forever.  *Ahem, I'm starting to get emotional so I'm going to move on...*

On the Tuesday before she got married my lovely mother and I, along with the help of Sara Van Buskirk, threw Chelsea the greatest most amazing Bridal Shower of the year! Alright, I might be a little prejudice but that's okay. ;)  Not going to lie, throwing your best friends bridal shower is no easy task, because of course I wanted it to be perfect! And in the end everything was. The Shower really turned out great. And I think we all had a blast! The food was incredible and we had an amazing turn out! Chelsea was so worried that no one would show because of it being so close to Christmas. This worry was in vain! For there were easily 50 people that showed up that night. lol. We also played some really fun games! So, enjoy the pictures from that night's evening...

This was the only disaster of the night...Chelsea broke the faucet on the lemon aide and we couldn't get it to stop pouring from the spout! lol. (I have to add that although I said Chels broke it, she didn't had been giving people problems all night! So it wasn't her fault!) This picture is pretty funny though, yeah?

This was the fun candy bar game!
Opening gifts....*Sorry Chels, I had to put some of the funny ones on here!

She's pretty good at pretending to be excited for these kinds of gifts! lol

I can't remember what we were laughing at in the three previous pictures but I thought they were cute and had to add them! I'm sad I couldn't get rid of the red eye.

I love my Chelsea girl! Who in just days would be joining me in marriage...uh, meaning we'd both be married. Not to each other, but to our husbands. In case you were confused.

Hurray for getting married! (that is Sara on the far left and Tori on the far right.)

It was a fun night! 

Annnnnnnd drum roll please....Now onto the day of their marriage!
Their sealing was beautiful. I was so grateful and extremely happy that I could be there for her. And Sara was there too! Sara got married a couple months before Chelsea, so it was great! During the sealing I would have bet money that Brian would cry his eyes out...but guess what?! Chelsea shed more tears than he did! It was so funny! I wasn't expecting that. :) 
I was honored to be able to help Chels get into her wedding dress in the Brides room. She put her make up on and then we got her all zipped up! She looked stunning. The most beautiful bride I ever saw! It was a pretty emotional day for me. My best friend was sealed in the temple to the best man that I could have ever hoped for, for her! And I got to be apart of that special day. 

Sara and I waiting for them to come out!

 I didn't get the best pictures but they suffice! It was so amazing! One of my favorite part of going to a wedding is seeing the happy couple walk out of those temple doors.

Oh! And look at that. Now, BOTH of us are happily married and sealed to our best friends. I remember kneeling across the alter to Josh. It is my most treasured memory. I remember exactly how I felt and I couldn't wait for Chelsea to be able to experience that as she knelt across the alter from Brian. We both got our Happily Ever Afters! And yet there is still so much more ahead of us...:) 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Murder Mystery Dinner

*Quick update: Josh made some new friends at school. Kendon Bagley and Max DeBaltzo. They're both married. We love them and hang out with them all the time now! And since Josh made new friends and they are married friends...we ALL made friends! Kendon and Val and Max and Corey. They are our new best friends and we love them! Just had to establish that.*

A couple of weeks ago Max hosted (at Kendon's house because it's larger) a Murder Mystery Dinner! It was a LOT of fun. We all brought food to share and got to dress up! I was Glumda the wicked witch from the armpit of OZ. While Josh was a Mr.Sheckter who was a cannibal.  I can't remember everyone's characters otherwise I'd name them all for you! Basically, every character had some weird/disturbing twist-hence the cannibal. Luckily I didn't have a creepy characteristic...I was just depressed and had a glandular sweating problem. Josh's character turned out to be a werewolf and he was murderer! The game had a lot of unexpected turns and was really fun and interesting. Meaning you had to use your brain! Which is great because I probably don't use mine enough! Haha. We all had a lot of fun and Josh and I would definitely play again.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Tim, Tim, Tim

As you probably gathered from the title of this's about Tim! He is getting so big and just growing so fast! I can't believe it sometimes. He is pulling himself up on things to stand now. His balance is getting so good too! We all bet that he'll be walking by the holidays! He also now has two teeth and has been eating baby food for about 3 months now. He's doing really good with it. I think his favorite is sweet potatoes! I love this little boy to pieces. He has the cutest personality and is so darn adorable!

I'm going to miss him when they leave Wymount! P.S. See his cute skeleton Halloween outfit? So cute!

How can you not love his sweet face? :)

Josh's Chocolate Cake

A couple of weeks ago Josh had a sweet tooth...that's nothing new by the way. He usually has one at least once a day. Sometimes I swear he's worse than me with his cravings! It's so funny. We were watching the food network and they were making cakes so naturally Josh felt inspired to bake a cake! I made the most delicious chocolate frosting! He baked the cake and I put it together and frosted it. He wanted me to make sure to say that he made it though! lol. So here are some pictures of the glorious chocolate cake made by JOSH and I.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rise and Shout!

Dad,  Jacob, Ben, and Joe came up for the BYU game on Oct. 8th.  Dad had a couple of extra tickets so Mary and Jake came with us! It was really fun. And thank goodness we won that game!

Getting to See Allen

While I was in Vegas I got to see my nephew Allen! Josh was very jealous. He is getting so big! He is starting to stand himself up on things and his crawling is getting better. He is so dang cute! I love his big eyes and elf ears!